What is social media marketing?

What is
social media marketing?

Reach potential customers around the world through Instagram and Facebook advertisements.

Gather social proof and create brand endorsements with influencers.

With Paramount Marketing, you can increase your brand recognition, whilst reducing your marketing budget with our low-cost advertising campaigns.

Target people based on gender, age, country, interests, behavior or relationships, and make sure your budget gets used as efficiently as possible.

We'll handle the complicated stuff, so you can focus on what makes your brand superior.

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Cost-Effective Traffic

Advertising on social media is the most cost-effective marketing method of 2020.
With Paramount Marketing, you can reach more people with the same budget.

Marketing ResultsParamount MarketingAverage Facebook Advertiser
Costs per click$0,10$1.86
Costs per 1000 impressions$4,28$11.20
Click through rate6,87%1,03%
Built your brand with online marketing

In only the
first 6 months we:

✓ Generated over 700k in revenue

✓ Built 36 brands

✓ Reached 3.4m people globally


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