What is social marketing?

As the name suggests, we build brands with the help of social media.

With Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok we first create 'social proof'. This helps to make your brand look more established, and drives organic traffic to your website.

Then, we set up advertising campaigns on those platforms to attract new potential customers, and to find previous website visitors.

And while your ads collect data, we'll optimize them for you to run as efficiently as possible; saving you time and resources.

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Cost-effective traffic

Advertising on social media is the most cost-effective marketing method of 2021.
With Paramount Marketing, you can reach more people with the same budget.

Marketing results Paramount Marketing Average Facebook Advertiser*
Costs per click $0.10 $1,86
Costs per 1000 impressions $4,28 $11,20
Click through rate 8,39% 1,03%
*Source: Wordstream.com

Which platforms should I use?

That depends on what your business is about.

We typically prefer Pinterest for brands that focus on art, DIY, creativity, design, health and wellbeing.

TikTok is still relatively new. We like to use this platform for businesses trying to reach a younger demographic.

Facebook and Instagram can both be utilized for a wide variety of niches. Since almost half the planet has an account here, you can gather a lot of data on these platforms.

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