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Have you ever had that dream of starting your very own business?
Being your own boss, creating innovative products, or providing useful services to customers?

I have.

At the age of 14, I picked up a camera.
Well... A smartphone with a decent camera for the standards of that time.

I was intrigued by this form of art, and continued the experimentation. Soon after I decided to get a GoPro, and one year later a dslr.
It didn't take long for Instagram and brands to notice my work, and for me to do my very first brand collaboration.

This then led to more collaborations, and a bigger audience.
It came to a point where I decided this wasn't what I wanted to do with it: I goal was to inspire my audience, not to advertise to them.

However, I continued to work with brands by creating promotional content for them.
Now I was gaining photography and film making experience, as well as marketing experience by trying to rank higher in the Instagram algorithms.

Even though I was now practically my own boss at the age of 16, it didn't feel like I was actually running a business.
That desire was still present.

A few years later, still pursuing photography, I stumbled upon a tutorial video about drop-shipping.
The video immediately caught my attention, watched some more, and started searching for product ideas a couple days later.

It didn't take long before my very first social media marketing campaign was up and running: it did take long to get my first sale however.
2 months later, this webshop was far from profitable, but I found a very interesting Christmas-related product, and set up another store.

In the end, neither became profitable. I had spent a little over $2000, which is quite the budget for someone who hasn't even started university yet, and only had film-making to pay for his hobbies and drop-shipping ads.
So I decided to quit until I would have a larger budget again, as both my pockets and my bank account were running fairly empty.

A year later, a friend of mine had a similar dream of launching a business.
He's a fitness fanatic, and decided to offer personal training.

I received a text from him asking if I could take a few pictures for his website.
We met up, did the photoshoot, and I showed him the results afterwards.

about internet marketing service paramount marketing

During this, he asked me how he could get his first clients.

I proposed the idea of Facebook ads. To which he replied: "Could you do that for me?"
"I definitely could..."; I thought. "But if it'll work.... I don't know".
"Don't worry about that!"; he said. "Let's just give it a go."

So I created his social advertisements, and before we knew it we had to stop the ads.
Not because they weren't profitable, but because he couldn't take more clients.
These ads were working so well, he was fully booked for 8 months...

This has sparked the idea for Paramount Marketing: I would help other businesses start and grow.
That way, I could constantly be in that exciting phase of launching a brand, whilst doing website design, photography and videography at the same time.

I figured that before I would reach out to businesses, I would need a little bit more experience.
So I set up an account on Fiverr (Freelancing website), offering low priced (nearly free) social media marketing services.

Because of the low prices, and high demand, I could gather work experience in a matter of weeks.
After just 2 months, I created ads in more niches than I could ever think of.

A year after that text, Paramount Marketing has launched.
Offering businesses an all-in-one, easy to entry solution to launch their brands.

Now it is your turn to launch / grow your business
Are you ready?